The Lucky Box is a "Fortune Wheel" type feature within the game. To play you need Lucky Box Tickets which is obtained through the Market Shop under Power.

There are three purchasing options for Lucky Box Tickets.

  • 5 Tickets for 300 Power
  • 15 Tickets for 400 Power
  • 30 Tickets for 500 Power

It goes without saying the best buy is the 30 Ticket option.

Rewards Edit


Lucky Box uses a "Everyone Wins" method, where it is guaranteed you will receive a reward for each attempt. It uses a Ying and Yang system.

You have a chance to win one of these Items (Ying Roll)

  • 5000 Coin
  • Sky Summon Ticket
  • 100 Power
  • 100 Silver
  • Silver Summon Ticket
  • Purge Ticket
  • 100 Spirit of Water
  • Fragment of Training
  • 100 Spirit of Earth
  • 20 Soul Crystal
  • 15000 Coin
  • Gold Summon Ticket
  • 100 Gold
  • Rare Summon Ticket
  • Rainbow Summon Ticket
  • 10000 Coin
  • 100 Spirit of Fire
  • Lucky Box Ticket
  • 5 Life Pill
  • 1 Recommended Battles

Additionally, you have a chance of multiplying your reward by 1/2/3/4/5. This is the Yang Roll.

Once both the Ying and Yang rolls stop, your reward is determined by this Method.

[Ying Roll x Yang Roll]