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Recipe Required rank Quest Stages with The Recipe as a Reward
Tokagemaru Apprentice Tutorial
Sishar Orange Orange: Contribute 2 Emeralds Lv. 2 Forest of Sins
Jaki Yellow Orange: Contribute 2 Rubies Lv. 3 Mountain of Fire
Kurousagi Yellow Orange: Contribute 2 Aquamarines Lv. 3 Dark Abyss
Guhin Green Green: Contribute 2 Agate Lv. 4 Valley of Hell
Orihime Green Green: Contribute 2 Crystals Lv. 4 Land of the Damned
Kogitsunemaru Blue Purple: Contribute 4 Killing Stone Crystal Lv. 6-7 Field of Death, South Wind Land of Qi, (宿狼龍穴, 宝来龍穴)
Nekomata Indigo Purple: Contribute 8 Amethyst Lv. 6-7 Forest of Sins
Rasetsu Purple Bronze: Contribute 1 Strength Magatama Lv. 7 Dark Abyss, Oeyama Day 4 (Komoku Heaven)
Izuna Purple Bronze: Contribute 1 Technique Magatama Lv. 7 Valley of Hell, Lv. 7 Mountain of Fire
Karasutengu Bronze Bronze: Contribute 1 Intelligence Magatama
Kisshouten Bronze Bronze: Contribute 2 Orihime Souls Lv. 7 Land of the Damned
Zashikiwarashi Silver Silver: Subjugate 10 Zashikiwarashis Lv. 11 Mountain of Fire, Oeyama Day 3, 13
Senri Gold Gold: Subjugate 10 Senris Lv. 12 Forest of Sins, Oeyama Day 7, 13, Legend of Killing Stone Day 8
Ibarakidouji Gold Gold: Subjugate 10 Ibarakidoujis Oeyama Day 8
Korobokkuru Platinum Platinum: Subjugate 10 Korobokkurus Oeyama Day 9, 10, Legend of Killing Stone Day 11
Furutsubaki Platinum Platinum: Subjugate 10 Furutsubakis Oeyama Day 10, 13, Legend of Killing Stone Day 8, 11
Yukionna Platinum Platinum: Subjugate 10 Yukionna Oeyama Day 11, 13, Legend of Killing Stone Day 8
Higekiri Diamond Diamond: Subjugate Shutendoushi (*)
Enma Diamond Diamond: Subjagate Oureikan Legend of Killing Stone Day 7 (need to beat Legend of Killing Stone day 4 first)

(*) This quest only appears after the first Subjugate Shutendoushi quest giving 1 Luck Magatama is completed, thus a player has to beat Oeyama Day 12 twice to get Higekiri's Recipe.